Brad Richard: Author, Speaker, Podcaster

Brad Richard

We’re almost a year into the podcasting phenomenon, and the success of the medium has been more than most people had predicted. Later on this month, we’ll produce a year-in-review podcast that will sum up our thoughts on 2005 and give a preview of what we hope to accomplish in 2006.

In the meantime, though, we’d like to introduce Brad Richard, a motivational speaker and author who has turned to this new medium to reach new audiences. Brad is producing a talk show through Odeo, one of the many podcast sites out there. He’s aiming to produce a weekly program to help people move ahead with their lives by confronting their fears.

Brad Richard’s Alive Wired U

In the weeks to come, Brad will be using the CPN studio to produce an installment or two for us. We’re excited to be working with him in the future, and hope to be speaking with you about podcasting in the coming year.

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