Hear Virginia House candidates in their own words

Want to know more about the candidates standing for election to the Virginia House of Delegates this November? The Senior Statesmen of Virginia held a public forum at the Senior Center on August 10 in which several incumbents and challengers appeared. Not a debate, this hour and a half long event was a chance for the candidates to tell an assembled crowd at the Senior Center a little about themselves and why they deserve a vote. CPN volunteer Colin Campbell was on hand to record the event, which we present to you below.

This file is now offline – if you would like to hear it, please contact us

This presentation is an hour and a half long. It will start with an introduction from the Senior Statesmen, and then will feature presentations by the candidates in alphabetical order.

(only campaign websites are listed below)
Delegate Watkins Abbitt, Jr (Independent incumbent running in the 59th District)
Delegate Rob Bell (Republican incumbent in the 58th District)
David Cox (Democratic challenger for the 24th District)
Peter deFur (Democratic challenger for the 56th District)
Steve Koleszar (Democratic challenger for the 58th District)
Delegate Steve Landes (Republican incumbent for the 25th District
Tom McCrystal (Republican challenger for the 57th District)
David Toscano (Democratic challenger for the 57th District)

Other area legislators were invited by the Senior Statesmen, but many could not attend due to prior engagements. After the introductions, the candidates answered questions from moderator Mitch Van Yahres.

7 Replies to “Hear Virginia House candidates in their own words”

  1. This podcast was great!!! (I can’t believe I’m such a poli-geek now that I listened to the whole thing!)

    One aspect that was difficult (since the forum wasn’t designed for “radio” or podcasting) was that in the Q&A section, I didn’t always know who was answering.

    Does anyone who was there or who listened to it know which participant was the one who mentioned that one solution to rising Medicaid costs was focusing more on programs that allowed senior citizens to remain at home and receive care? I couldn’t figure out who that was.

    Thanks for the great podcast!

  2. When we record events like this in the future, we’ll create a narration to help listeners know who is speaking when. We’ve tried that with past events, and it seemed to help.

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