Charlottesville Pavilion to open July 27

Yes, Charlottesville, the long-awaited Charlottesville Pavilion will open on July 27 with a free concert from funk band Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe. The new facility’s grand opening will be held on July 30, with a joint appearance from Loretta Lynn and Sissy Spacek. That event will be a special benefit for Live Arts.

Luke Church was on hand at a June 20 press conference announcing the Pavilion’s inaugural season, and he’s provided us with the tape. Remarks are from Pavilion general manager Kirby Hutto, Mayor David Brown, City Manager Gary O’Connell, and John Gibson from Live Arts.

This file is no longer available…

This is the first raw press conference that we’ve been able to feature, and we hope to bring you more of these in the months to come. The way in which the American public interacts with the media is changing. We recognize that not everyone is going to be interested in listening to 15 minutes on this subject, but press conferences are primary sources that journalists use to create stories. Do you hear anything else in this that media accounts did not? One thing I’m curious about is, why do city officials keep referring to the Pavilion as an ampitheater?

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