Lecture on Nietzsche

Walter Sokel is Professor Emeritus of German and English at the University of Virginia. He came to the University from Stanford in 1972. Originally from Vienna, he migrated to the United States to escape fascism. On April 21, 2005, Sokel presented a paper entitled “The Birth of Eugenics and of Justice from the Spirit of Tragedy: Reflections on the Dionysian in Nietzsche.” The lecture was recorded in Jefferson Hall, and runs for just under an hour. Sokel will explain in the first minute or so how the title of the presentation had to be amended for time considerations.

This program is no longer available. If you would like to hear it, please send us an e-mail and we’ll be glad to make it available once more.

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5 Replies to “Lecture on Nietzsche”

  1. Sean – I have your site in my news reader. I think you are on to something big with this site and I hope you get a team of reporters out there with microphones posting content on the Internet. Speaking as one member of the Albemarle County School Board, I think the public would get a lot of value out of audio feeds from our School Board meetings. If you could download recordings of individual agenda items, it would be quite an innovative way for the public to increase their involvement and understanding of our school business. Unlike the City, our meetings are not televised on Adelphia’s public access station.

    Brian Wheeler

  2. Hi Sean – I second the complement – your site is in my news-reader. I have been kicking myself for not having some means of collecting an audio feed from our recent Chamber luncheon – at which UVa Women’s Basketball Coach Debbie Ryan gave a wonderful keynote address. That address would have been of interest and value to a broad audience. I appreciate and have enjoyed the access to the Cville forum on “media” as I was not able to attend but had wanted to … and at some point I may listen to the whole “Nietzsche” lecture. : ) Thanks! Larry

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