Public Forum: Globalization and Inequality

We hear so much about globalization that it’s become just another word that many Americans tune out as soon as they hear it uttered.

Yet, many political scientists have serious concerns about how globalization affects the lives of Americans and people around the world. There’s a laundry list of developments that affect every human being including: the effects of an international economy on wealth for some and poverty for others, the threat of international terrorism, global pollution, to name just a few.

Four political scientists from across the country met in UVa’s Minor Hall on April 21, 2005, for a public forum called “Inequality and Difference in Developing Societies: How do Recent Trends Affect Americans?”

The panel includes Susanne Rudolph of the University of Chicago, Evelyne Huber of the University of North Carolina, and Valerie Bunce of Cornell University. This forum last 67 minutes, and is moderated by U-V-A political scientist John Echeverri-Gent.