Lisa Williams at the New Dominion Bookshop

Lisa Williams, winner of the Rome Prize in Literature, read to an audience at the New Dominion Bookshop on October 1, 2008, from her latest collection of poems, Woman Reading to the Sea. This collection was selected by Joyce Carol Oates for the Barnard Prize.

1:00 “Woman Reading to the Sea”

4:30 “Intoxication at Carmel-by-the-Sea”

7:30 “Horizontally, I Moved

11:30 “Farthest Flame”

14:00 “Jellyfish”

16:30 “Anatomy of a Skylark”

18:30 “Field”

20:00 “Geometry”

21:30 “Bell Tower”

22:30 “Chimes”

24:00 “Suggestive Grove”