Wake Up Call: Green Energy, EPA and World Politics

On the June 15th wake up call, Rick is joined by UVA professor of environmental policy and politics Vivian Thomson, author of Sophisticated Interdependence in climate policy: Federalism the United States, Brazil, and Germany. Together they discuss various aspects of green energy and related politics, such as Partisanship, Va being passive in the fight against climate change, new EPA regulations,Federalism in the USA and more.

Wake Up Call: Literature

On the May 25th Wake up call, Host Rick talks to Meredith Dickens and Lindsay Ideson of the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library and Sandy McAdams, owner of Daedalus Bookshop. They discuss the available programs and history of Daedalus and JMRL, various books of interest, digital vs. print books, series vs. standalone, the “Should Not Be Forgotten but Not Necessarily recommended” list, and more.

Wake Up Call: Shelter for Help in Emergency

On the April 27th Wake Up Call, host Rick Moore talks with Cartie Lominack, the Executive director of the shelter for help in Emergency, and Sheilah Michaels, a designer for the 2014 Design House. During the hour they discuss aspects of Domestic Abuse/Violence, Verbal vs Physical abuse, the SHE shelter, 24 hour crisis hotline/website, and more.


24 Hour hotline # -(434)-293-8509


Wake Up Call:Protection of Free Expression

On the April 13th Wake Up Call, host Rick Moore talks to Josh Wheeler from Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of free Expression about the TJ center Muzzle awards. Over the hour, they will go over each of the 9 Muzzle award recipients and the stories of what actions qualified them for their titles. Groups awarded include The U.S Department of Justice, The White house Press Office, The Tennessee State Legislature, and More.


Wake Up Call: Coal Ash and Solar Power

On the March 23rd Wake Up Call, Rick talks to Cale Jaffe, Director of Virginia office of Southern Environmental Law Center, Steve Nelson, Lead engineer at Zenman Energy and Ben Myrtle, president of Renewable Energy Construction Services. Throughout the hour they discuss the Febuary 2nd Spill, What “coal ash” is, safety tests of drinking water, the expensive cost of Solar/ Renewable energy, and more.


Wake Up Call: Virginia Festival of the Book

On the March 16th Wake Up Call, Rick talks about the Virginia Festival of the Book with it’s program Director Nancy Damon and authors Paul A. Cantor(The Invisible Hand in Popular Culture), Dr. Barbara A. Perry(Rose Kennedy:The Life and Times of a Political Matriarch), and Lex Hrabe( Quarantine Series). They discuss highlights of the festival, volunteering, the difficulties in planning, how to publish a book, and more.