Charlottesville–Right Now: Rick Britton joins Coy Barefoot

1.20.11 Best-selling author and local historian Rick Britton joins Coy to continue their conversational series on the lifetime contributions of Thomas Jefferson. In today’s installment of “TJ’s Greatest Hits,” Britton recounts our 3rd President’s time spent as a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses. At the time, Jefferson was only 25 years old, and Britton discusses what drove him to get into politics, what other big names served as Burgesses alongside TJ, and what important contributions, including serving on the Virginia Committee of Correspondence, were made during his time as a Burgess. Also included is a quiz on some little known Thomas Jefferson facts and trivia. Be sure to check out Britton’s next speaking engagement on Thursday, January 27th at Michie Tavern about Edgar Allen Poe’s time at UVA, and for more information call [(434)977-1234].