Live Arts Radio: Accountability

This is our third in a series of radio plays from Charlottesville’s top playwrights and the talented actors at Live Arts Radio. Each play was written by members of Charlottesville’s Playwright’s Lab.

Our third episode is a metaphysical comedy about fate, choice, and luck. Please be sure to listen on headphones or from two speakers, as this play was recorded in stereo. Accountability was written by Nathan Anderith.

This podcast includes adult language. Listener discretion is advised.

Accountability is the work of the following talented men and women:

Jen Burstein (Clotho, sound effects coordinator) is a local actor, singer, dancer who performs with Gorilla Theatre, PVCC, UVa Jazz, and Etnia Latin Dance Troupe. She has also taught French all around Charlottesville including UVa, Speak! Language Center, and currently at Tandem Friends School where she is a regular guest director in Tandem Friends’ Winter One-Act Play Festival. She has had a blast working with the Playwright’s Lab team podcast!
Lisa Weigold (Lachesis) has been active in the Charlottesville theater community since she was a child. She received a degree in theater in 2014 and has been stage managing and acting since then. Recently she could be seen in Gorilla Theater Productions’ “Pride and Prejudice” as Elizabeth Bennett and Live Arts’ “Electric Baby” as Rozie.
Tracy Durham (Atropos) has performed in a number of stage productions over the years. This is her first podcast performance and if it be her fate, hopefully not the last.
Nathan Anderith (Writer, Co-Founder) has been directing, acting and producing theater for 18 years, from Shakespeare on the Lawn at UVA to drama groups in West Africa. His favorite part of putting together these podcasts is doing his sexy radio voice for the intro and outro.
Lauren Gilroy (Director) is a genial dictator who enjoys handicrafts and aged bourbon.
Cory Capron (Music Composer) is a has written three full-length plays and several shorts, directed and co-directed several shows, and worked in props, sound, costume and creature design. He is a founding member of Gorilla Theater Productions, where he has worked as house composer on many productions. Outside the theater, Cory is a short story author, a singer-songwriter, and occasionally an experimental filmmaker.

The Live Arts Playwrights’ Lab is a free forum for writers of every experience level, in which they share, read, hear, and discuss their work in a community of fellow playwrights. The Lab is dedicated to developing the work of local writers in a fun, creative, supportive setting; and includes opportunities for public staged readings and full productions. The Lab meets on the first and third Monday of each month (except July and August). Whether you’ve been writing for years or are just getting started, there’s a place for you in the Lab! Visit Live Arts The Foundry for more information.

Post production work for Accountability was done by Dan Gould at the Charlottesville Podcasting Network.