Left of Center: How Tom Perriello Won

On November 4, 2008, Democrat Tom Perriello achieved what almost no one thought he could do. He defeated Republican incumbent Virgil Goode by only 745 votes. What were the factors that led to Perriello’s victory? Well, on January 5, 2009, the group Left of Center sponsored a panel discussion to explore that question, and to look ahead to what it means for Democrats in the 5th District.

  • 1:00 – Introduction from Brevy Cannon of Left of Center
  • 2:45 – Presentation by Brian Bills, Perriello’s personal assistant during the campaign
  • 20:17 – Presentation by Kellie Palmer, who worked on a voter registration campaign in the rural southside
  • 33:00 – Presentation by Rachel Klarman
  • 43:00 – Comments from Will Goldsmith, News Editor at C-Ville Weekly
  • 50:00 – Comments from Lindsay Barnes, Reporter from the Hook
  • 56:00 – Comments from Fred Hudson, Chairman of the 5th District Democratic Party
  • 1:10:30 – Question and answer period begins

Barhoppers bring theatre to the masses

It’s the annual Barhoppers show on this week’s edition of WNRN’s Sunday Morning Wake-Up Call! Members from Offstage Theatre’s Barhoppers 2008 join Rick Moore in the studio to present some samples from their show. The show’s various directors and producers explain what exactly Barhoppers is and how it got started, while the actors perform excerpts from some of the skits – “Automatic Writing,” “Tragic Hero,” “Big Fish, Little Fish,” and “Answer Man.”

Barhoppers is theatre performed in bars – and this year, all seven skits are by local playwright Joel Jones. You can see the show at Rapture for the next two weeks, Sunday through Tuesday, 7:30 at Rapture. The show is open to all ages, though parental discretion is advised. Tonight is the only non-smoking show.