Apropos of Something: Islamic Feminism and World Water Economics

Apropos of Something hosts Ellen Daniels and Nancy Laurence talk to Feyza Burak-Adli on Islamic Feminism and Peter Debaere, PhD., an authority on World Water Economics.

Apropos of Something talks to Charlottesville citizens who are most impacted by the latest “scratch-your-head” federal policies. Co-hosts Ellen Daniels in Charlottesville and Nancy Laurence in New York City talk to experts, activists, and the most interesting people they can find. We guarantee every show will be Apropos of Something.

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BusinessCast 152 with Peter Debaere

Peter Debaere
Peter Debaere

Darden Professor Peter Debaere, one of the organizers of the “Car of the Future, Future of the Car” symposium being held at the University of Virginia this weekend, speaks with us about this special event. In the headlines: “Darden Professor ponders What If?”, “Darden Concept Competition,” and “Views from the VIC.”