Wake-Up Call: Corruption and Bribery in Politics

Michael Gilbert

Sunday Morning Wake-up Call host Rick Moore talks with University of Virginia Law School Professor Michael Gilbert about the role of Corruption and Bribery in American politics. Topics include: Loyalty oaths as a form of corruption and why Gilbert believes that transparency in government causes the very corruption it aims to prevent.

The Sunday Morning Wake-up Call is heard on Real Oldies 97.9 The WREN, Sundays from 11 a.m. to noon.

Apropos Of Something: Sexual Assault Student Outreach & Undermining Democracy Thru Jurisprudence

Apropos Of Something hosts Ellen Daniels and Nancy Laurence talk with Nancy Deutsch Ph.D., Director of UVA’s Youth-Nex — The Center to Promote Effective Youth Development, on providing sexual assault safeguards for students on campus; and Michael Gilbert Ph.D., Sullivan & Cromwell Prof. of Law, on voter suppression thru partisan gerrymandering and voter ID laws.

Apropos Of Something seeks out guests who are passionate about the arts, politics and society at-large. Co-hosts Ellen Daniels in Charlottesville and Nancy Laurence in New York City chat with experts, activists, and the most interesting people they can find. We guarantee every show will be Apropos Of Something.

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