Home Grown: Far Away, So Close: The Kluge-Ruhe Museum and JMRL

Home Grown: Your Show about Local Art

Today on Home Grown, David and Leslie welcome two art curators to the show to talk about what their organizations bring to our town. First, it’s Lauren Maupin, Education and Program Manager at The Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection. We talk to Lauren about common misunderstandings about the Kluge-Ruhe, about the benefits that the community can glean from experiencing the works of outside artists, and about this year’s Night at the Museum summer series. Next David Plunkett, director of The Jefferson-Madison Regional Library comes on the show and weathers us at our silliest. Most notably, our David challenges that David to justify the library’s existence, and he does! It’s a show about how two arts organizations (that you might not think about much) enrich the community this week on Home Grown: Your Show about Local Art.

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