Charlottesville–Right Now: Dahlia Lithwick joins Coy Barefoot

2.14.11 Journalist and author from Slate and Newsweek Dahlia Lithwick joins Coy to discuss her recent column on Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s efforts to strike down President Obama’s health care reform bill. Is the entire bill unconstitutional? If not, what parts are? Get all the insights from one of the expert journalists covering the issue.

Charlottesville–Right Now: Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli joins Coy Barefoot

12.14.10 Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli joins Coy to discuss the setback in Obama’s health care reform plan. On Monday, Federal Judge Henry Hudson ruled that the “individual mandate” portion of the President’s Health Care overhaul unconstitutional. Cuccinelli, obviously excited by the victory, explains why the judge ruled as he did and also speaks on what the decision means for the future of the bill. Get uncommon access to one of the biggest names in Virginia politics right here.

Charlottesville–Right Now: Beverly James Talks Health Care With Jay

7.1.10- Jay James in for Coy Barefoot today. Beverly James of the Virginia Organizing Project talks with Jay about the Health Care Reform Act. Topics include Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s recent attempt to stop the legislation and today’s press event which was held at the Court House here in Charlottesville.