Live Arts Radio: Turbulence

This is our sixth and final episode in this series of radio plays from Charlottesville’s top playwrights and the talented actors at Live Arts Radio. Each play was written by members of Charlottesville’s Playwright’s Lab.

This episode takes you into the most terrifying and chaotic hellhole known to man: the airport. A simple flight delay spins out of control and upends the life of a young couple, revealing long-hidden secrets and buried resentments.

Turbulence is the work of the following talented men and women:

Jenny Mead (Playwright) is an award-winning playwright whose work has been produced at various theaters in Virginia, New York, California, Connecticut, Minnesota, and Mexico (forthcoming). A former Hollywood executive, journalist and English teacher, Jenny lives in Charlottesville where she is mother to a basset hound and writes business ethics case studies at the University of Virginia.
Alex Citron (Director, Co-Founder) has been tinkering with the theater arts for nearly fifty years. He is a playwright, director, designer and occasionally, an actor. He was a founder of Play On, and served as its Executive Director. Turbulence marks his first experience with radio drama.
Nathan Anderith (James, Co-Founder) is signing off here at Live Arts Radio. Once upon a time this project was just a dream and a whim, and now we’ve made six great episodes of radio excellence. Thanks so much for listening, everyone. Now I’m off to Africa, where I will have a whole new continent of people to annoy.
Sean Michael McCord (Airport Announcer, Co-Founder) is a Charlottesville-based playwright, producer, director, and occasional actor. Once upon a time, he was radioactive. He is currently an MFA Playwright at the Hollins Playwrights’ Lab in Roanoke.
Julie Stavitski (Elizabeth) is a frequent reader for the Live Arts Playwrights’ Lab and loves playing a small part in the development of new works. She was most recently seen in A Christmas Story: The Musical and The Addams Family at Four County Players.
Cory Capron (Music Composer) has written three full-length plays and several shorts, directed and co-directed several shows, and worked in props, sound, costume and creature design. He is a founding member of Gorilla Theater Productions, where he has worked as house composer on many productions. Outside the theater, Cory is a short story author, a singer-songwriter, and occasionally an experimental filmmaker.

The Live Arts Playwrights’ Lab is a free forum for writers of every experience level, in which they share, read, hear, and discuss their work in a community of fellow playwrights. The Lab is dedicated to developing the work of local writers in a fun, creative, supportive setting; and includes opportunities for public staged readings and full productions. The Lab meets on the first and third Monday of each month (except July and August). Whether you’ve been writing for years or are just getting started, there’s a place for you in the Lab! Visit Live Arts The Foundry for more information.

Post production work for Turbulence was done by Dan Gould at the Charlottesville Podcasting Network.