Wake-Up Call: 2014 Virginia Film Festival

On the November 2nd Wake-Up Call, host Rick Moore talks to Festival Director Jody Kielbasa, Programmer Wesley Harris, and Podcaster Sean McCord about the 2014 Virginia Film Festival. During the hour, they give an overview of the films included in this year’s festival schedule, how these films were selected, and information about the program overall.

Gitmo and “The Response”

In our previous show we reflected on several of the movies showcased at this year’s Virginia Film Festival. In today’s show, we will examine “The Response,” a short film about the Guantanamo Bay War Tribunals and the plight of Guantanamo detainees by Sig Libowitz, screened at this year’s Virginia Film Festival.

During the course of the seven years since 9-11, the United States and its elected representatives have made calculated moves to deal with the declared “War on Terror.” Because of the nature of this global war, which is based more in backrooms around the world than on battlefields, it has become increasingly difficult to have concrete ideas about whom and where we are, or should be fighting.

Because of the clandestine nature of the war, the measures to combat it have also taken a more covert form, including… Abu Ghraib… and more recently, Guantanamo Bay. These Prisoner Detentions Camps were set up in an effort to isolate suspected enemy combatants from battle regions and interrogate them so that the war in the Gulf, and on Terror could be mitigated.

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Wake-Up Call: 2008 Virginia Film Festival

On the October 26th edition of WNRN’s Sunday Morning Wake-Up Call, Rick Moore talks with Richard Herskowitz, Artistic Director of the Virginia Film Festival, which begins this Thursday, Oct. 30. This is Herskowitz’ fifteenth and final festival, and he speaks about all the various elements that must come together to make it so successful. Also in the studio is Alexandra Woodward, director of All My Friends Are Strangers, a work-in-progress scheduled to screen on Friday.