Charlottesville–Right Now: Congressman Tom Perriello talks with Coy about his push for reelection

10.28.10 Congressman Tom Perriello of the 5th District discusses the upcoming election as well as his plan for Virginia with Coy Barefoot. Congressman Perriello talks about his progress with swing voters, and responds to caller questions concerning health care and the direction of the nation.

Charlottesville–Right Now: Quentin Kidd of CNU talks about the current state of politics with Coy

10.28.10 Quentin Kidd of Christopher Newport University is one of the deans of political scientists specializing in southern politics. He talks with Coy about the upcoming election and discusses Tom Periello’s chances. Can the Democrats mobilize young voters once again? Will Republicans rally behind Robert Hurt to take back the 5th District?

Presidential Debate on the Sunday Morning Wake-Up Call

With the election just over two weeks away, Rick Moore invited representatives of the Obama and Mccain campaigns for a discussion of how the race will play out. Oscar Ramirez is Virginia Policy Director for the Obama campaign, and Sean Kenney is a former director of communications of the Republican Party of Virginia.