Brian Wheeler of Charlottesville Tomorrow on water supply, the Eastern Connector and pie

Brian Wheeler is the Executive Director of Charlottesville Tomorrow, a non-partisan organization that covers growth and development issues in our community. He appears on Tuesdays on Coy Barefoot’s program.

On the October 7, 2008 edition of the show:

  • In praise of Netflix, which Brian recently began using
  • Will there be a second Pie Day? Brian also reports that Charlottesville Tomorrow’s photographs from the first one are now visible in Google Earth.
  • Brian comments on Bill Crutchfield’s second letter calling for a fresh look at the community water supply plan (The Hook)
  • Recently, the RWSA approved the creation of a panel of dam experts to determine how to proceed with the new dam at Ragged Mountain Reservoir, now that cost estimates are approaching $100 million. (Charlottesville Tomorrow)
  • Site plan work for Albemarle Place is proceeding under a new development. Additional sewer capacity is needed for the development to be built. Will Edens & Avant pay their fair share?
  • The Eastern Connector study has been put on hold. In part, the City and County have different views of what the purpose of the road would be. (Charlottesville Tomorrow)
  • One reason the Eastern Connector is on hold (but not the only one) is a lack of funding. The City and County are discussing the possibilities of creating a Regional Transit Authority which would also have the power to raise money for road projects. (Charlottesville Tomorrow)

County Supervisors put Eastern Connector study on hold

The Albemarle County Board of Supervisors has put the study of the Eastern Connector on hold for a few years until more data can be collected about how County residents move around. They made their decision after viewing a presentation on the final recommendations of the Eastern Connector Corridor Location Study. The matter has been referred to the Metropolitan Planning Organization for further negotiations between the City and the County.

Visit Charlottesville Tomorrow for a full write-up on this story, including a detailed timeline. If you have an opinion on the Eastern Connector, let us know in the comments.