Charlottesville Right Now– Astronomer Ed Murphy talks aliens with Coy

Is there a possibility that life exists on other planets? What about advanced civilizations? The odds have perhaps increased somewhat now that astronomers have located what may be a habitable planet less than 20 light years away. Ed Murphy of the UVA Department of Astronomy joins Coy Barefoot to discuss this and other items of space news.

Charlottesville Right Now– Bob Holsworth talks Virginia politics with Coy

On the October 4, 2010 edition of WINA’s Charlottesville–Right Now, political scientist Bob Holsworth joined Coy for a weekly discussion of state politics. Holsworth is the founder and president of Virginia Tomorrow. This week topics ranged from the latest on Governor Bob McDonnell’s liquor-store privatization plan, if Congressman Tom Perriello can fend off Robert Hurt in the 5th Congressional District, and who is in charge of Virginia Democrats.