The Notes That Were Not

The program’s new host, Roger Cosmopolis, gets to work excavating the past, mining for fodder for fresh insults about the lukewarm temperature we find ourselves having evolved from. This program features a new track by the Hodads, as well as another new song from the Badgering Oilskin. There are other tracks by other artists which shall go nameless here because of the fear of reprisal, both from those who were suits and those who wear jean jackets and smell of stale cigarettes in a Central Virginia county. The connective tissue is from The Unsuccessful Elf by Paul Wing.

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Podcasting for Democracy

Welcome to my exploration of podcasting as a tool for strengthening democracy.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I must say that my interest in this topic stems from my
work at C-SPAN, the nationwide media network that provides unfiltered coverage of the U.S. Congress.

This project has three parts. First, my main story – a news piece for which I interviewed Sean Tubbs, Peter Levine, Rob Kennedy and Brian Lockman. Second, an audio montage of podcast excerpts – with the understanding that my use is fair use. And third, a commentary – my thoughts about podcasting.

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Look Who?s Podcasting

Officials at all levels of government are becoming podcasters. Some of the podcasts are cleaver; others are low-tech. What they have in common is their purpose: to be available for the people when the people want them.

Episode 5: A Trope Too Far To Atrophy

Splendidly poised to coexist with the winter of the soul and the spring of the ever-bright world, Barry Fritztravalis is pleased to have compiled another glimpse into previous days and years to hear the ever-longing echo of the Notes That Were. This installment is only made possible through a bold new sponsorship by one of the show’s most popular artists.

We do not list the contents in this blog entry for fear of causing a scandal.