Jul 262006

Photo of Sarah Arvio by Rigel Garcia de Cabada

The poet Sarah Arvio reads ten poems from her new book, Sono. The reading took place on April 1, 2006, at Chapters Literary Bookstore, Washington, D.C. The poems can be read (and heard) on Archipelago, Vol. 10, Nos. 1-2, Summer 2006.

  One Response to “Sarah Arvio, Ten from Sono

  1. That’s an awesome poem from Sarah Arvio. I enjoyed every line of the poem. Thank you cvillepodcast for bringing such quality cotent.

    Here are the first few lines from Sarah Arvio’s Shadows

    I saw some shadows moving on the wall
    and heard a shuffle, as of wings or thoughts.
    I rolled back the sheets and looked at the day,

    a raw, blown day, white papers in the street.
    Sheets were flapping in the sky of my mind,
    I smelled the wet sheets, I tasted a day

    I love every line of her beautiful and powerful language.

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