Home Grown: Saving Us: Emily Julia Kresky and Adam Nemett

Home Grown: Your Show about Local Art

Today on Home Grown, David talks art with two more great guests. First, Emily Julia Kresky visits the show for the first time. She’s the organizer of and a featured artist in Women on the Mic: A Benefit for Fight Like a Grrrl at the Front Porch Roots Music School. Emily talks about how she got into songwriting and about what her process is. Next, Adam Nemett comes back on the show. This time he’s wearing his novelist hat to talk about his first fiction novel We Can Save Us All. Adam talks about his 12 year journey writing this novel and gives us a little taste. One way or another art tries to save us, and we’re here to talk about it (and, seemingly, to mispronounce guests’ names) on Home Grown: Your Show about Local Art.

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