“BreadCast” Tearing The Loaf Apart! The Inner Workings Of A Bakery

“BreadCast” is brought to you by Great Harvest Bread Company!

In “BreadCast” we take you inside the Bakery and give some great tips to help you in the Kitchen

Introducing, Matt and Kath, foodies with an enthusiasm for delicious breads made from real food. Our dream of opening a bakery is coming true at McIntire Plaza. We’re in the midst of building our store right now and hope to be able to bake bread for you in May.

Make sure to check them out on the web at: www.Greatharvestcville.com


3 Replies to ““BreadCast” Tearing The Loaf Apart! The Inner Workings Of A Bakery”

  1. Matt states, “the second you mill that flour…the volatile vitamins and nutrients are essentially leaving the grain.” Really? Where are they going? According to USAID, most vitamin loss occurs during baking (due to the heat being over 120 degrees). The baking process affects all baked bread regardless of when or where the flour is milled.

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