Charlottesville–Right Now: Investigative journalist Dan Olmsted discusses the link between mercury and autism

Dan Olmsted is a senior editor for United Press International, and writes a regular column called “The Age of Autism” where he studies the link between Mercury in vaccines and Autism in children. He joins Coy Barefoot on WINA’s Charlottesville–Right Now in response to his recent article, “Problems in CDC data.” Some topics discussed were Mercury-free vaccinations, the necessity of those vaccinations, the Combating Autism Bill, and what parents with Autistic children do to help.

We’re talking about mercury [in vaccines], which is incredibly toxic…but what if we said we had plutonium in flu shots, people would stand up and go, “Get Plutonium out of flu shots!” But it’s Mercury, and somehow we have the public health officials and pediatricians in this country saying, “Ah, just a little Mercury’s not gonna hurt your infant in the womb there.” I just don’t get it.

-Dan Olmsted