Jul 312008

Commander Paul Galanti (right) retired from the U.S. Navy after a career that saw him receive many awards and allocations. Now, Galanti is the Chairman of the Virginia Veteran’s for McCain, and is working to elect the Arizona Senator this November. He spent time as a prisoner of war with McCain, and describes what that experience was like.

Apr 162008

Accidents of Time and Place by S. Paul KleinS. Paul Klein developed his talent for creating images out of words in a career as a radio performer and a filmmaker. Now he has entered the literary world with a new novel, Accidents of Time and Place.

Hector Collin, the hero of the novel, is a veteran of the Korean War and a victim of the anti-Communist hysteria of the 1950s. Accidents of Time and Place tells the story of his journey from infamy to redemption. Join Paul Klein as he reads from his novel at the New Dominion Bookshop on April 10, 2008.