Apr 062009

Steven Edenbo as Thomas Jefferson

Founding Father, international diplomat, and University of Virginia Founder Thomas Jefferson of Monticello addressed the Jefferson Literary and Debating Society on Friday, March 27, 2009. Though he claimed to not be “an adept at public speaking,” he spoke to the assembled guests on a variety of topics ranging from the contentious election of 1800 to the dangers of holding our political leaders in too exalted an esteem.

Steven Edenbo has been a Thomas Jefferson impersonator, historian, and motivational speaker
with the American Historical Theatre since 1999.

Diary of Tobias Lear

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Apr 232008

In today’s show, adapted from an article recently published on the Oscar Web site written by Matt Kelly, a writer for UVa’s Media relations, we examine the works of Tobias Lear, secretary to George Washington and envoy to North Africa for President Thomas Jefferson.

In 2007, the University of Virginia’s Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library, received a firsthand glimpse of George Washington’s last days through the writings of Tobias Lear, secretary to President Washington and envoy to North Africa for President Thomas Jefferson.

For more information about the show or to see the full text, visit the Oscar Show’s blog.

Gesel Mason’s Declaration of (In)Dependence

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Jul 162005

This is Gesel Mason
Gesel Mason

This Monday night, D.C. choreographer Gesel Mason will tell the story of Thomas Jefferson’s complex relationship with Sally Hemings, a slave whose six children were likely fathered by the third president. The talk is part of the C-Ville Talks lecture series put on by C-Ville Weekly, and will include excerpts of A declaration of (In)Dependence: The Story of Sally Hemings.

In her piece, Mason uses movement to depict the many nuances and complexities of the relationship to fully explore the ambiguities of the time. On Monday night at Live Arts, she’ll be showing videos of the performance and discussing the legacy of the Jefferson-Hemings relationship.

Update: This file was rediscovered on December 12, 2016.