Mar 252015

Fourteen Charlottesville High School students presented their versions of TED Talks, called Thought Blocks.

CHS Student Speaking at The Bridge.

The Speakers:
Haley Warren – Writing is a tool
Quincy Pinkston – The Import of Happiness
Cara Warren – In Support of Teenage Exploration
Zaquan Thomas – Music as Message
Joelle Norfleet – What does it mean to be attractive?
Genevieve Riley – Healthy Competition
Nikkia Michie – Our negative experiences can help us grow
Jack Smith – Do something crazy!
John Russel Pinkston – The beautiful lessons of death and dying
Tommy Stadler – The importance of teamwork
Kalif Parker – Why it’s great to be spontaneous
Peter Barcia – The customer is NOT always right
Tess Kendrick – Learning and Curiosity in the 21st Century
Eliya Habimana – What it means to be black in America today

The event was held on March 16, 2015 at The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative. Jenn Horne, who teaches Public Speaking II at the high school, introduced the speakers.

PCA Community Conversation: Dos & Don’ts for Collaborative Arts Education Projects & Partnerships

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Nov 302009

On October 26, 2009, the Piedmont Council of the Arts held the latest in a series of Creative Conversations. The project is a chance to bring representatives from different arts organizations together in order to share ideas. This time around, the topic centered around the idea of developing partnerships across many different non-profit groups.

After a round of introductions, Greg Kelly of the Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative and Pete O’Shea of SiteWorks began discussing how they were able to forge the StoryLine project in collaboration with the Piedmont Council of the Arts, the Charlottesville Parks and Recreation Department, and the Thomas Jefferson Center for the Freedom of Expression. Afterwards, the panel and participants had a conversation about what worked, what didn’t, and what lessons can be learned to inspire similar collaborations in the future.