Charlottesville–Right Now: Chris Graham joins Coy Barefoot

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Feb 172011

2.17.11 Founder and Editor of the Augusta Free Press Chris Graham joins Coy to discuss the latest news from the Shenandoah Valley area. Stories addressed in today conversation include a piece of land under dispute, the chances of a new WalMart in the valley, and the fallout from Jim Webb’s announcement to step down. Also included a debate over how Tom Perriello stacks up against Tim Kaine.

Aug 242008

Regular listeners of our podcast or our live streaming feed might know Rick Britton. He’s a historian and cartographer and a frequent guest on WINA’s Charlottesville Right Now with Coy Barefoot. Rick also organizes a Civil War lecture and day-trip series in conjunction with the Charlottesville Senior Center.

On August 20, 2008, one of the speakers—Scott Harris—appeared at the Senior Center to talk about the May, 15th, 1864 Battle of New Market in the Shenandoah Valley. Scott received his B.A. with honors in History and Historic Preservation from Mary Washington College in 1983, and got his Master in History and Museum Administration from William and Mary in 1988. He is currently the director of the New Market Battlefield Park which commemorates the fascinating battle and highlights the participation of the 257 Virginia Military Institute cadets who helped capture a Union battery of artillery.