Oct 052010

John Whitehead, the founder and CEO of The Rutherford Institute,  joins Coy to discuss his opinion on the legality of upcoming red light cameras in Albemarle County.

Sep 272010

John Whitehead of The Rutherford Institute joins Coy in studio to discuss the rapidly approaching 5th District election.

Sep 092010

John Whitehead, founder of The Rutherford Institute, joins Coy to discuss Lady Gaga and the “pornification of America”.

Jan 292009

On Wednesday, January 28th, John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute is a constitutional attorney and founder of the Rutherford Institute. His most recent book is The Change Manifesto. He was a guest on Charlottesville–Right Now! with Coy Barefoot on Wednesday to discuss some of his most recent commentaries.

Jul 162008

John Whitehead, CEO and President of the Rutherford Institute, is having an incredibly busy summer as his organization trains 22 interns on the ins and outs of defending the Constitution. He’s also awaiting the publication of his new book The Change Manifesto: Join the Block by Block Movement to Recreate America which comes out in September. Whitehead is worried about the state of American democracy, with an increasing surveillance culture as well as an worsening economy. He implores listeners to not listen to Congress, which he says is filled with millionaires who are out of touch. Whitehead wonders if Bush is the worst presidenct since Herbert Hoover, who was in charge the last time American banks failed one after another. Is the American empire bankrupting us? Who would Jesus vote for?