Oct 202019

Robyn Jackson

Sunday Morning Wake-up Call host Rick Moore talks with Robyn Jackson from The Civility School about modern manners, thank-you notes, and when you should and should not eat French Fries with your fingers.

The Sunday Morning Wake-up Call is heard on 94.7 WPVC the Progressive Voice of Charlottesville, Sundays from 11 a.m. to noon.

Dec 132017

Richard Balnave, (left) Edward Lowry and Robyn Jackson speaking at the Senior Center in Charlottesville.

Edward B. Lowry, Richard D. Balnave and Robyn Jackson talk about the mediation process and how it helps resolve differences in a way more effective than that of the court.

Edward B. Lowry engages in a statewide commercial litigation practice. He has been with the law firm of Michie-Hamlett since 1971. His litigation experience includes business torts, construction law, securities arbitration, employment, contract, real estate and banking laws. He is a fellow of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers, the American Bar Foundation and the Virginia Law Foundation. He has been president of the Virginia State Bar and the Charlottesville Albemarle Bar Associations. Ed was a member of the Adjunct Faculty at the University of Virginia School of Law where he taught a course in trial advocacy until 2013. Ed has participated in many meditations both as mediator and attorney for parties. He virtually always recommends mediation to his clients as it provides an opportunity for clients to resolve disputes without the uncertainty and expense of litigation.
Richard D. Balnave came to the University of Virginia Law School in 1984 to direct the Family Law Clinic following eight years of practice in Pennsylvania.  An expert in the areas of domestic relations and children’s law, he served on the board of governors of the Family Law Section of the Virginia State Bar and the Council of Domestic Relations Section of the Virginia Bar Association. He has lectured to Virginia circuit and district court judges and the Virginia Court of Appeals about issues in Virginia domestic relations law. Richard is a past president of the board of the Charlottesville-Albemarle Legal Aid Society and a former board member of the Charlottesville Albemarle Bar Association. He has assisted the Virginia General Assembly studies concerning child support guidelines and  mediation of child custody disputes.
Robyn Jackson is the founder of The Civility School, which teaches social skills, modern manners, and professional etiquette to all ages. The Civility School’s battle cry is “for the comfort and convenience of others.” Cultural awareness, flexibility, and empathetic intention are the keys to its method. Robyn’s background in teaching, counseling, and mediation combine to create a deep treatment of the often superficial world of etiquette. Robyn lives in Charlottesville with her husband, Brian, and their three sons.

The event took place at the Wednesday December 13, 2017 meeting of the Senior Statesmen of Virginia. The meeting was held at the Senior Center in Charlottesville. Following the presentation, questions were taken from the audience. SSV board member Bonnie Brewer moderated the forum.

Wake-Up Call: Civility School: Etiquette & Manners

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Oct 162016

Robyn Jackson

Sunday Morning Wake-up Call host Rick Moore talks to Robyn Jackson about The Civility School in Charlottesville. Topics include: dining etiquette, professional etiquette and the proper way to accept a compliment.

The Sunday Morning Wake-Up Call is heard on WPVC 94.7 Sunday mornings at 11:00 AM. The station is currently looking for volunteers.

Jul 062014

On the July 6th Wake Up Call, Robyn Jackson, Director of the Civility School, returns to the show to talk with Rick about a number of topics related to manners and etiquette such as the history and importance of utensil placement,lunchroom behavior, interview tips,cell phone etiquette, continue or end a conversation, introducing people, taking a compliment, babysitting etiquette and more.

Wake Up Call: Manners, Etiquette, and Civility

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Jun 022013

On the June 6th Wake Up Call, Host Rick Moore talks with Robyn Jackson, Director of The Civility School (Facebook) about various aspects of Civility and Manners including tips on job interviewing, the history and importance of utensil placement, why “proper” manners change depending on geographic location, Hosting/ Being a guest at parties, cell phone etiquette, etc.