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Del. David Toscano

This past Saturday, Delegate David Toscano presided over a rare meeting between the Charlottesville City Council, the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors, and the two jurisdictions’ school boards. Toscano called the meeting after the two communities sparred over a potential recalculation of the composite index that would have reallocated $2.8 million from city schools to county schools.

In this podcast interview with Coy Barefoot, Toscano provides a recap of the meeting. To hear it for yourself, Charlottesville Tomorrow posted the audio


Delegate David Toscano joins Coy Barefoot to talk about his call for cooperation between Albemarle County and the City of Charlottesville during a time when the revenue-sharing agreement is under debate.  Toscano offers his reflections on the agreement, and talks about the possibility of sharing services.

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