Jul 152010

7.15.10- Congressman Tom Perriello joins Coy live on the program.  They discuss the clean up efforts in the gulf, the Tea Party, the Unemployment benefits, and other current political issues.

Jul 082010

7.8.10- Chris Graham of the Augusta Free Press, gives Coy Barefoot, the latest information on the economy of Augusta County and Waynesboro.   Other topics include the Oil Spill in the Gulf and the Obama Administration.

Jun 302010

6.30.10- Jay James in for Coy Barefoot today.  Dave Cohen, CBS Correspondent in New Orleans, gives Jay the latest information on the oil spill and how clean up efforts are going.

Jun 172010

Jay James in for Coy today. He gets the latest news on the BP hearings in Washington DC from Bob Fuss of CBS News.