2004 radio feature on the Cavalier Marching Band

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Sep 032008

Four years ago, the Cavalier Marching Band made its debut at Scott Stadium thanks to a generous donation from Carl Smith. I was producing a lot of stories for WVTF back in those days, and had a lot fun producing this one which aired shortly before the 2004 season began.

I borrowed the format from a profile of the Norfolk State University Spartan Legion that I had done two years earlier for With Good Reason. In the interest of reviving UVA spirits after Saturday’s game, I thought it might be nice to post this here.

What do you think? Has the Marching Band become part of the Scott Stadium experience?

I would like to do a follow-up on this in the future, but of course, there are very few places to sell a story like this. In a perfect world, the Charlottesville Podcasting Network would have some funding source that could be used to support the production of new programming. Perhaps some of this new programming could find its way to the radio.

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