Aug 202010

8.20.10- Captain Terron Sims joins Coy live on the program to discuss his newest book, With Honor In Hand.

Here’s a description from Sims’ website:

With Honor In Hand is the tale of two friends battling with a serious moral dilemma- a fight between the code of their profession vs. their code of honor. Mercenaries, the two friends, Douglas “Big Mac” Pollard and Amos Man Killer Stewart, are the truest of professionals and the best at what they do. They have never reneged on a contract, but now find themselves in a position where they wish they could exercise that option.

Sep 292009

Dan Wolf is the Founder and Executive Director of the International Lifeline Fund, an organization whose financial roots grew from a successful lawsuit against Saddam Hussein and the country of Iraq.

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Jan 292009

Investigative journalist and national security expert, Robert Dreyfuss joined Coy Barefoot on Charlottesville Right Now on Wednesday to discuss his most recent article, Obama’s Iran Problem , and the upcoming elections in Iraq.

Jun 292008

Covering the Middle East as a foreign correspondent for CBS News, U.Va graduate Kimberly Dozier earned a reputation for being on top of the story. But on Memorial Day 2006, Kimberly Dozier became the story as a car bomb took the lives of her crew, a U.S. Army captain an Iraqi interpreter, and left her in a pool of blood on the street fighting for her life. Her new book is Breathing the Fire, and it reconstructs her path from the bombing to recovery. She joined Coy Barefoot on the June 27th edition of WINA’s Charlottesville–Right Now with Coy Barefoot.