Sep 142010

Brian Wheeler, Executive Director of Charlottesville Tomorrow, talks with Coy about media literacy, the Fontaine Research Park and the latest on the water debate.

Sep 012010

9.1.10- Leslie Kean discusses her book UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go On The Record with Coy.

Jan 202010

Director of the University of Virginia’s Center For Politics, Larry Sabato, joined Charlottesville—Right Now! with Coy Barefoot to discuss Scott Brown’s senate victory in Massachusetts last night and what it means on the national political scene.

Jul 292008

Vivek Kundra is the Chief Technology Officer for Washington, D.C. and formerly the Assistant Secretary for Commerce and Trade for the Commonwealth of Virginia. He joined Coy Barefoot on the July 28, 2008 edition of WINA’s “Charlottesville–Right Now” to talk about the transition from Richmond to D.C., what he does in is position, and how he’s helping transform the way D.C. does business.