Aug 122018

Photo: Stephen Melkisethian (Flickr)

Sunday Morning Wake-up Call host Rick Moore asks local residents about their memories of the August 11/12, 2017 Unite The Right Rally in Charlottesville, and about their plans for August 12th this year. Participating in today’s broadcast (in order of appearance): Clara, Walter Heinecke, Lisa Provence, Christina Rivera, Eze Amos, Cynthia Neff, Lynn Windsor, John Herrmann and Dave Norris.

The Sunday Morning Wake-up Call is heard on 94.7 WPVC the Progressive Voice of Charlottesville, Sundays from 11 a.m. to noon.

Aug 052018

Home Grown: Your Show about Local Art

Today on Home Grown, David throws down with two righteous groups of guests visiting the show for the first time. First, we welcome Lisa Jevack, Assistant to the Director and Early Visions Coordinator of The Fralin Art Museum and Charlene Green, Manager of the the Charlottesville Office of Human Rights. The Fralin and the City are partners in The Signs of Change Project along with The Jefferson School African American Heritage Center and The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative — a project that seeks to use art to raise the profile of African American history in Charlottesville history. Then — you maybe have seen him on the Downtown Mall — here, photographer Eze Amos steps out from behind the camera to talk about his artistic goals and how and why he came to focus on photographing people on the Downtown Mall. He is New City Arts’ current artist in residence, and you can see Eze’s work at his show, Eze Amos: Cville People Everyday. It’s art for the people and art about the people today on Home Grown: Your Show about Local Art.

Home Grown is heard on 94.7 WPVC the Progressive Voice of Charlottesville, Sundays from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.