Reflecting On the 4th From Abroad

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Jul 052013

CPN reporter Deepak Singh offers his reflections on the 4th of July while on holiday in Lucknow India.

Mr. Singh’s report was originally aired on PRI’s The World. You can follow Deepak Singh on Facebook and Twitter.

Salsa Dancing in Charlottesville

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May 222013

Salsa dancers in action in Charlottesville

Some Charlottesville residents have found a way to brush up on their Spanish…and their dancing — at the same time. And all without travelling to a South American country. Reporter Deepak Singh takes us to a salsa dance club. This piece was originally aired on NPR affiliate WVTF

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Apr 152013

The Festival of Colors

When you see people walking around covered head to toe with magenta, green, blue, orange and yellow powder, it has to be a special day. Reporter Deepak Singh has more on the Indian festival of colors.

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Myth & Memory

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Mar 192008

Objects and ideas inform both history and contemporary thought and are the basis of the study of material culture. For Maurie McInnis, associate professor of American art and material culture and director of American Studies, understanding the antebellum South in the 19th century encompasses understanding art and objects from the perspective of class politics, social structures and hierarchies.

Working with Angela D. Mack, curator of the traveling show that originated at the Gibbes Museum of Art in Charleston, S.C., McInnis has spent the last four years creating Landscape of Slavery: The Plantation in American Art, an exhibition on view through April 20 at the University of Virginia Art Museum. The exhibition focuses on themes of race, slavery and the plantation from the 19th century to today…

For more information about the show or to see full text, visit the Oscar Show’s blog.