Inside the Bocuse d’Or culinary competition!!!

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Feb 122012

Bocuse d’Or USA 2012 Silver Medalist Chef Jeffrey Lizotte gives us a bird’s-eye view into the world’s most prestigious culinary competition!

 Tune in to hear how it feels to cook in front of a panel of the greatest chefs in America. Jeff’s interview will place you right in kitchen 2 at The Culinary Institute of America. He gives us an idea of the intensity, stress and pace of this 5 hour competition. Learn what kind of planning and training it takes to compete for a spot in the world renowned competition in Lyon, France. Listen in to hear the inside scoop on the mother of all culinary competitions.
The Bocuse d’Or World Cuisine Contest is the most rigorous international culinary competition, held every two years in Lyon, France. Twenty-four countries are selected to compete, and each country’s team is composed of one chef and one commis assistant.Each team is provided five and a half hours to create two elaborate platter presentations, one centered around seafood and one on meat, each accompanied by three original garnishes. The platters are presented before twenty-four judges, each of whom is among the most esteemed chefs in his/her own country. The judges evaluate the overall harmony of flavors in the dish, the presentation of the platter, the techniques employed and the efficiency in which the teams work.The intensity of the spectator’s enthusiasm is unique. Thousands of fans attend the event and are seated in sections in front of their competitors’ booth, waving flags, singing national chants, and providing general encouragement. The noise level of the arena elevates as the candidates race to complete their presentations to the judges. Hundreds of international photo and film journalists canvas the location, broadcasting the competition live around the world.
Watch this year’s Bocuse d’Or USA competition at

Oct 232011

Learn how Levi worked his way from the kitchens in Charlottesville, Virginia to France, Italy, and New York City!

Levi tells us about his experiences working for Daniel Boulud, Michel Richard and Thomas Keller. He shares his experiences abroad and what sacrifices he made to become one of the most sought after young chefs. Now at the helm of Restaurant 1833 in Monterey California, Levi has the chance to be himself and let his years of sacrifice pay off. Listen in starting Sunday because it is all here on Chew the Fat with Chef Craig Hartman

Produced and recorded in the studios of Charlottesville Radio Group, in conjunction with Chef Craig Hartman, Chew the Fat is the podcast that gives you totally raw interviews with leading chefs, restaurateurs, winemakers and other food artisans. These interviews are unscripted and outside the realm of publicists, conducted by accomplished Chef Craig Hartman. Hartman delivers these interviews with ease, sensitivity and a sense of insider savvy. The goal of these interviews is to expose the heart and soul of these sensitive, artistic and driven people. This podcast is for anyone who loves food and wine, especially those that want to know every aspect about who is behind the artisan food and wine

Charlottesville–Right Now: Chef Craig Hartman Chats With Coy About His New BBQ Joint

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Jul 072010

7.7.10- Chef Craig Hartman, Executive Chef at Fossett’s Restaurant, talks with Coy about the new BBQ Restaurant he just opened in Gordonsville.  Hartman describes the atmosphere, food, and flavor of the new BBQ Exchange.