Nov 132016

Sunday Morning Wake-up Call host Rick Moore talks to Dr. Chris Winter of Charlottesville Neurology and Sleep Medicine about sleep and how we can all sleep better. His new book, The Sleep Solution will be published in 2017.

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Nov 092016

Al Thomas Jr. (left) and Ron Lantz speaking at the Senior Center in Charlottesville.

Albemarle County Chief of Police Ron Lantz and Charlottesville Chief of Police Al Thomas Jr. will address current policing issues including traffic concerns, staffing levels/shortages and gangs.

Albemarle County named Ron Lantz as chief of police effective June 1, 2016.  Chief Lantz served as Albemarle’s deputy chief of police where, since 2012, he assisted the chief of police in planning and directing the many activities of the Albemarle County Police Department including providing supervision for 115 of the 129 sworn officers in the functional areas of patrol, traffic, school resource, crime prevention, and animal control.  In addition, Chief Lantz was responsible for leading the implementation of the County’s Geographic Based Policing initiative which was launched in 2012.

Prior to joining the Albemarle County force, Lantz completed his career with the Fairfax County Police Department by serving as a district station commander where he was responsible for 155 officers providing police service to 125,000 residents. While with Fairfax County, Lantz received the Departmental Meritorious Commendation, the Departmental Meritorious Action Award, and the Departmental Meritorious Service Award.

Lantz received his Bachelors of Science from the University of Charleston with a major in Organizational Leadership. He successfully completed the Key Executive Leadership Certificate Program from American University and is currently enrolled in courses geared towards a Master of Science with a focus on Criminal Justice and Public Administration from Liberty University. Lantz is also a graduate of the DEA Drug Commander Academy, the FBI National Academy, and the Virginia Association of Police New Chief / Deputy Chief School.

Alfred S. Thomas Jr. was appointed Charlottesville chief of police effective May 23, 2016. Chief Thomas served as chief of police for the City of Lexington, Virginia, since 2010. During his time in Lexington, he has directed a number of major initiatives, including operational reorganizations, upgrades to emergency communications infrastructure, implementation of mobile data terminals and digital in-car camera systems, and expanded outreach to city youth with the implementation of multiple programs including a junior police academy, police summer camp, and a regional high school internship program.

Upon his appointment to chief of the Charlottesville Police, he was cited for his experience, interpersonal skills and leadership abilities.

Prior to his time in Lexington, Chief Thomas spent 20 years with the Lynchburg Police Department working in varied roles with increasing command responsibility. From 1985 until 1990, he proudly served in the United States Air Force, attaining the rank of staff sergeant.

Chief Thomas was chair of the Rockbridge Regional Law Enforcement Command Board, vice-president of the Rockbridge Area Housing Corporation Board of Directors, is a member of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Officials and the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police, and serves on the Board of Directors for the Rockbridge Area YMCA.

Thomas and Lantz spoke at the Wednesday November 8, 2016 meeting of the Senior Statesmen of Virginia. The meeting was held at the Senior Center in Charlottesville. Following the presentation, questions were taken from the audience. The program was moderated by SSV Vice President Rich DeMong.

Nov 062016

This week Blokes on the Bench host Andy Richardson and the blokes talk about a weekend of premier league results! Liverpool now sitting pretty on top and on form! Plus a ton of high scoring games to get through. Plus la Liga, champions league and UVA results!

The blokes are Andy Richardson, Ryan Gregg, Mark Coffman and Jeremy Lamm.

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Nov 062016

Sunday Morning Wake-up Call host Rick Moore talks to UVa  Miller Center Professor of Ethics and Institutions Dr. Barbara Perry about Tuesday’s US election.

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Nov 062016

Home Grown hosts Clinton Johnston and Leslie M. Scott Jones talk to photographer Will Kerner about his show, Faraway… So Close opening at the McGuffey Art Center this Friday, and Local improv guru Joel Jones dusts off his old playwright hat in light of the e-publication of his short plays – Answer Man and Other Bar Plays.

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Nov 052016

From the Virginia Film Festival: “IndieWire is the leading news, information, and networking site for independent-minded filmmakers, the industry, and moviegoers alike. Launched in 1996 as an online forum and newsletter, IndieWire has grown over the last two decades into a preeminent source for film and television news, reviews, interviews, global festival coverage, and more. Now the Deputy Director of the Film Society of Lincoln Center, co-founder Eugene Hernandez grew the company over 12 years as editor-in-chief into the leading online community and editorial publication for independent and international films and filmmakers. Co-founder Mark Rabinowitz served variously as co-editor in chief, news editor, and managing editor, as well as lead film festival correspondent and editor. Managing editor Brian Brooks also worked at IndieWire for 12 years, covering the worldwide business of indie film. Today, Eric Kohn is the chief film critic and a senior editor for IndieWire as well as the manager of the Criticwire network. Twenty years later, IndieWire stays true to its mission, while facilitating a greater appreciation of independent filmmaking to the masses. Discussion with Brian Brooks, Eugene Hernandez, Eric Kohn, and Mark Rabinowitz”

This completes our coverage of the 2016 Virginia Film Festival. Thanks for stopping by.

Nov 052016

Cheryl Rattner Price at the Virginia Film Festival on November 5th, 2016.

Sean McCord talks with director Cheryl Rattner Price about her film NOT The Last Butterfly.

From the Virginia Film Festival: “The Butterfly Project is a grassroots arts and education initiative that memorializes the 1.5 million children killed in the Holocaust through global displays of ceramic butterflies. With one butterfly painted for each child, the Butterfly Project’s messages of hope and healing are woven together with survivors’ courageous stories of dark times. The documentary highlights a little-known story of the Terezin concentration camp in Czechoslovakia, where Ela Weissberger was imprisoned as a young child. Now in her eighties, survivor Ela reveals how she and other children were given the strength to endure the Holocaust by an artist and teacher who helped them express the trauma of their experiences through art”

Nov 052016

Jeff Consiglio at the Virginia Film Festival on November 5th, 2016

Sean McCord talks with producer/editor Jeff Consiglio about his film Best and Most Beautiful Things.

From the Virginia Film Festival: “Michelle Smith, a precocious twenty-year-old woman, lives with her mother Julie in rural Maine. Michelle is quirky and charming, with big dreams and varied passions. She is also legally blind and diagnosed on the autism spectrum. Searching for connection, Michelle explores love and empowerment outside the limits of “normal” through a provocative sex-positive community. The documentary tells her story of self-discovery as she navigates new relationships and attempts to go out into the world on her own”

Best and Most Beautiful Things will be shown at 5:00 PM, Sunday November 6, 2016 at the Downtown Mall: Violet Crown A.

Nov 052016

Sean McCord talks with Brian Golden Davis, Rob McBroom about their film The Million Dollar Duck.

From the Virginia Film Festival: “Winner of Best Documentary Feature at the Slamdance Film Festival, this film from director Brian Golden Davis dives into the eccentric world of the Federal Duck Stamp Contest—the only juried art competition run by the U.S. government. The contest is among the most successful conservation tools ever instituted, filled with ego, art, big money, and migratory waterfowl. Following six wildlife artists turned competitors who strive to win “the Olympics of wildlife art,” The Million Dollar Duck brings to life this highly competitive contest as the artists are eliminated one by one, leaving a winner whose work will be seen by millions.”

The Million Dollar Duck airs at 4:15 PM, Sunday, Nov 6, 2016 at the PVCC Dickinson Center.

Nov 052016

Pennebaker (left) and Hegedus at the Toronto Film Festival earlier this year.

Sean McCord talks with legendary filmmakers D.A. Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus about their film Unlocking The Cage.

From the Virginia Film Festival: “After 30 years of struggling with ineffective animal welfare laws, animal rights lawyer Steven Wise is making history by filing the first lawsuits that seek to transform an animal with no rights to a “person” with legal protections. Using two years of behind the scenes footage, the documentary team of Chris Hegedus and D.A. Pennebaker exposes Wise’s unprecedented struggle to break down the legal wall dividing animals and humans. Arguing to secure the rights of four chimpanzees in New York State, Wise maintains that cognitively complex animals have the capacity for limited personhood rights that would protect them from physical abuse. Signifying a groundbreaking shift towards the acknowledgement of animal rights, Hegedus and Pennebaker provide an intimate look at a lawsuit that could forever alter our legal system.”

Unlocking the Cage screens Sunday at 1:00 PM; The War Room screens tonight at 6:00 PM.

Nov 052016

Dahlia Lithwick

Straight Talk host André Hakes talks to Slate Magazine contributor Dahlia Lithwick about Tuesday’s US Presidential election.

André Hakes is a Charlottesville based lawyer with the legal firm of Tucker Griffin Barnes P.C.

Straight Talk is heard on WPVC 94.7 Saturday mornings at 10:00 a.m.The station is looking for volunteers.

Nov 042016

The Love Witch

Sean McCord talks with Laura Waddell about her role in the film The Love Witch.

From the Virginia Film Festival: “This highly stylized and impeccably crafted drama-thriller follows Elaine, a beautiful and seductive witch, as she concocts spells and potions to manipulate men to fall in love with her. When she finally meets the man of her dreams, her desperation for love drives her to the brink of insanity and murder. Using gothic Victorian décor, a vibrant color palette, and elaborate costume designs, filmmaker Anna Biller pays tribute to 1960s Technicolor thrillers while exploring female fantasy and the repercussions of pathological narcissism.”