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On Thursday, January 25, 2014 novelist Chad Harbach spoke with WTJU radio host Jordan Taylor about his novel The Art of Fielding and the MFA vs. NYC writing cultures.


On the January 26th edition of the Wake Up Call, host Rick Moore talks local economy and real estate with Jim Duncan, Real Estate Agent and Partner of Nest Realty and Matt Hodges, Charlottesville Sales Manager and Loan Officer of Presidential Mortgage Group.  Rick and his guests discuss the things you want to consider before buying and selling a home, plus much more.

Jim Duncan is the author of Real Central VA.  A blog site on data and real estate analysis.


On the January 19th Wake Up Call, host Rick Moore talks to PVCC Prof. of Business, Bill Pratt, author of several books including How to Keep Your Kid From Moving Back Home After College and The Graduate’s Guide to Life and Money and vice president of The Money Professors. They discuss various aspects of personal financing such as buying a car, budgeting,  choosing colleges, identity theft, and more.


On the January 12th edition of the Wake Up Call, host Rick Moore sits down with members of the James River Association to discuss the condition of the James River.  Rick and his guests–Jamie Brunkow, James River Keeper, Michelle Kokolis, Watershed Restoration Manager and Rob Campbell, Upper James Outreach Coordinator talk about the history of the James, the rivers bi-annual report, efforts of restoration and more.


John Whitehead speaking at the Senior Center in Charlottesville.

John Whitehead is a Charlottesville-based attorney and author who has written, debated, and practiced widely in the area of constitutional law. A prominent leader in the national dialogue on civil liberties and human rights and a formidable champion of the Constitution, Whitehead’s concern for the persecuted and oppressed led him in 1982 to establish The Rutherford Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the defense of civil liberties and human rights.

Whitehead explored the many ways in which our freedoms and privacy rights have been eroded in recent years as documented in his new book, A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State. Whitehead’s book paints a chilling portrait of a nation in the final stages of transformation into a police state, complete with surveillance cameras, drug-sniffing dogs, SWAT team raids, roadside strip searches, blood draws at DUI checkpoints, mosquito drones, tasers, privatized prisons, GPS tracking devices, zero tolerance policies, over-criminalization, and free speech zones. It also reveals the inner workings of an increasingly pervasive surveillance state, including the NSAs program to track the communications of all Americans and map the daily activities of all people in the United States. As nationally syndicated columnist Nat Hentoff observed about Whitehead: John Whitehead is not only one of the nation’s most consistent and persistent civil libertarians, he is also a remarkably perceptive illustrator of our popular culture, its in-sights and dangers.

Mr. Whitehead spoke at the Wednesday, January 8, 2014 meeting of the Senior Statesmen of Virginia. The meeting was held at the Senior Center in Charlottesville. Following the presentation, questions were taken from the audience. The program was moderated by SSV board member Charles Smith.


On the December 29th Wake Up Call, psychic Lee Channing returns to give readings and answer caller questions and discuss various esoteric topics of interest, such as Clairvoyance vs precognition, dealing with negative energy, past lives, addictions, and more.



On the December 22nd edition of the Wake Up Call, Rick talks with a vvvery special guest– Santa Claus.  Santa shares a wonderful Christmas story and calls a few very lucky boys and girls.


On the December 15th Wake Up Call, host Rick Moore talks with UVA professor of Anthropology, Roy Wagner about secular vs. religious Christmas, the origin of holiday customs and their importance to other cultures, and how they are celebrated around the world.


On the December 8th edition of the Wake Up Call, host Rick Moore talks with Minority Leader in Virginia’s House of Delegates and State Delegate representing the 57th district, David Toscano.  Rick and David discuss a variety of topics, including; mental health care, redistricting, the ABC and the Affordable Care Act.  David also gives a prelude into the upcoming legislative session and the bills he plans to put forth.


Black Friday shoppers at The Apple Store on Fifth Ave, New York. Photo: maybeMaybeMaybe/Wikimedia Commons.

CPN reporter Deepak Singh offers his reflections on on Black Friday and how it reminded him of pilgrimages in his homeland India.

Mr. Singh’s report was originally aired on PRI’s The World. You can follow Deepak Singh on Facebook and Twitter.


On the December 1st Sunday Morning Wake Up Call, host Rick Moore interviews Mary Burruss, lead coordinator of the Radio Resource Project, a combined effort between The Music Resource Center(MRC), Tandem Friends School, and WNRN to allow local teens to create and air their own radio program. Starting on today’s show, we will air a seperate “30 Minute Throwdown” created by students on the first Sunday of every month. The half-hour show will feature original music produced/recorded at MRC,  as well as music chosen by the students. Some of the music will be performed by Tandem singers/musicians. The show will also feature news and movie tips. Local area teen musicians are encouraged to submit music to the program as well.

Local musicians interested in submitting music should contact Damani Harrison at Damani@musicresourcecenter.org


Each spring and fall, the The Senior Center in Charlottesville’s Encore Players take to the stage to perform a series of one-act plays. This fall the group presented a series of six plays.

From left to right: Vivian Chasin, Phyllis Payne, Ron Mohr and Mark Dryer
on the Senior Center stage.

A mother learns religious tolerance in Look Who’s Coming to Dinner. The play was introduced by Pat Cook.

The performance took place on Wednesday October 20, 2013 as a part of the Encore Player’s fall 2013 performance. This is the sixth and final part of our Wednesday series.

Cast: Vivian Chasin as Golda, Phyllis Payne as Raquel, Ron Mohr as Steve and Mark Dryer as Sam.

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