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On the Easter Sunday April 20th Wake Up Call,  Lee Channing returns to the show to talk with Rick about clairvoyance, energy and associated colors,  pets, various signs and omens, and do live reading and answer questions for callers.


On the April 13th Wake Up Call, host Rick Moore talks to Josh Wheeler from Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of free Expression about the TJ center Muzzle awards. Over the hour, they will go over each of the 9 Muzzle award recipients and the stories of what actions qualified them for their titles. Groups awarded include The U.S Department of Justice, The White house Press Office, The Tennessee State Legislature, and More.



On the March 30th wake up Call, Host Rick Moore talks to Kathy Kildea and Arthur Rashap, co-directors of Charlottesville time bank.  They discuss what the Time Bank is, it’s types of services, age limits, member numbers, and more.


On the March 23rd Wake Up Call, Rick talks to Cale Jaffe, Director of Virginia office of Southern Environmental Law Center, Steve Nelson, Lead engineer at Zenman Energy and Ben Myrtle, president of Renewable Energy Construction Services. Throughout the hour they discuss the Febuary 2nd Spill, What “coal ash” is,  safety tests of drinking water, the expensive cost of Solar/ Renewable energy, and more.



On the March 16th Wake Up Call, Rick talks about the Virginia Festival of the Book with it’s program Director Nancy Damon and authors  Paul A. Cantor(The Invisible Hand in Popular Culture), Dr.  Barbara A. Perry(Rose Kennedy:The Life and Times of a Political Matriarch), and Lex Hrabe( Quarantine Series). They discuss highlights of the festival, volunteering, the difficulties in planning, how to publish a book, and more.


On the March 9th Wake Up Call, host Rick Moore talks to Dr. Jim Tucker, Associate Professor of Psychiatry at UVA. during the hour they discuss aspects of reincarnation, such as Scientific Materialism, Unnatural Deaths, Anomalous Dates, Experimental Birthmarks, what makes past lives memorable, as well as Dr Tucker’s book, Return To Life: Extraordinary cases of children who remember past lives and the individual cases within it.




On the February 23rd Wake Up Call, host Rick Moore talks about parenting with Chris Burton, a family specialist at Children, Youth, and Family Services, and Wanda Seagroves, attachment theory specialist, and keynote speaker at Parenting POWER Workshop. They discuss topics such as how to teach parenting/How can parenting be learned via a classroom, How our economic changes have altered family time, Being a friend rather than a parent, the Parenting POWER workshop, and more.


on the Febuary 16th Wake Up Call, host Rick Moore discusses senior citizen volunteer work with Jeanne McCusker of Home Instead Senior Center, Alzheimer’s Association office volunteer, and Pete Wurzer, crew member at Habitat for Humanity. During the hour, they discuss the personal benefits of volunteering, the different types of places that need volunteers, how to select where to volunteer, the Salute to Senior Service awards, and more.


On the February 9th Wake Up Call, host Rick Moore discusses the current challenges(Norfolk and Harrisonburg) to the Va law banning same-sex marriages with Rebecca Glenburg, Legal Director of the ALCU of Virginia, and Geoff Skelley, UVA center for politics.


On the January 26th edition of the Wake Up Call, host Rick Moore talks local economy and real estate with Jim Duncan, Real Estate Agent and Partner of Nest Realty and Matt Hodges, Charlottesville Sales Manager and Loan Officer of Presidential Mortgage Group.  Rick and his guests discuss the things you want to consider before buying and selling a home, plus much more.

Jim Duncan is the author of Real Central VA.  A blog site on data and real estate analysis.


On the January 19th Wake Up Call, host Rick Moore talks to PVCC Prof. of Business, Bill Pratt, author of several books including How to Keep Your Kid From Moving Back Home After College and The Graduate’s Guide to Life and Money and vice president of The Money Professors. They discuss various aspects of personal financing such as buying a car, budgeting,  choosing colleges, identity theft, and more.


On the January 12th edition of the Wake Up Call, host Rick Moore sits down with members of the James River Association to discuss the condition of the James River.  Rick and his guests–Jamie Brunkow, James River Keeper, Michelle Kokolis, Watershed Restoration Manager and Rob Campbell, Upper James Outreach Coordinator talk about the history of the James, the rivers bi-annual report, efforts of restoration and more.

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