Dec 162008

On Monday, December 15th, 2008, Jack Trammell, President of the Blue Ridge Chapter of the Virginia Writer’s Club, joined Charlottesville Right Now to discuss the Blue Ridge Anthology 2009. This is the second edition of the anthology, which collects the works of local writers. Coy’s first piece of published fiction appears in this edition. The book will be featured at the upcoming Virginia Festival of the Book.

Apr 152008

On March 28, 2008, the Hon. J. Harvie Wilkinson, III, of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit presented the Tenth Annual Henry J. Abraham Distinguished Lecture Series, hosted by the Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression. The lecture was part of the Virginia Festival of the Book, and was moderated by Robert O’Neil.

J. Harvie Wilkinson, III, is the author of several works, including Serving Justice: A Supreme Court Clerk’s View and One Nation Indivisible: How Ethnic Separatism Threatens America. A former clerk to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Lewis Powell, he serves as a Judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.

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Apr 142008

Legal questions involving academic freedom, affirmative action, and student speech are but a few of the issues facing college administrators today. On March 29, 2008, a panel of experts was called together by the Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression at the 14th Annual Virginia Festival of the Book for a discussion of some of the legalities involved in providing a college education.

John C. Jeffries, is the author of Justice Lewis F. Powell, Jr. and Civil Rights Actions: Enforcing the Constitution (with Pamela S. Karlan, Peter W. Low, & George A. Rutherglen), among others. He argued the case of Rosenberger v. University of Virginia before U.S. Supreme Court and is currently the Dean of the UVa School of Law.

Robert O’Neil is the author of Academic Freedom in the Wired World and Free Speech in the College Community. His books stem from his experiences as the former president of UVa and Wisconsin and his present position as the Director of the Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression.

Barbara Perry, Ph.D., is the author of The Michigan Affirmative Action Cases, Freedom and the Court (with Henry J. Abraham) and seven other books. She is Carter Glass Professor of Government at Sweet Briar College and is a former Supreme Court Fellow.

The moderator is Henry J. Abraham, the author of Freedom and the Court: Civil Rights and Liberties in the United States. A renowned Constitutional scholar, he has authored eleven additional books and is the winner of the 2007 DAR Americanism Medal. He is James Hart Professor of Politics, Emeritus, at UVa.

Apr 082008

Fiction favorites Homer Hickam (Red Helmet), Adriana Trigiani (Big Stone Gap), and Jill A. Davis (Girl’s Poker Night) delighted a full house at the University of Virginia’s Culbreth Theatre on Thursday, March 27, 2008, as part of the 14th annual Virginia Festival of the Book.

What do these three authors have in common? Besides being very entertaining, they share one degree of separation with a famous American funny-man. You’ll have to listen to the audio to find out who!

Apr 072008

How can you tell whether a novel will be a good selection for your book club? In this podcast, three popular authors tell what makes for a good group read. Listen in as James Collins (Beginner’s Greek), Jill A. Davis (Girls’ Poker Night, Ask Again Later), and Therese Fowler (Souvenir) discuss Reading Group Choices with moderator Barbara Mead.

Apr 072008

In this podcast, we join Jennifer Ackerman (Sex, Sleep, Eat, Drink, Dream), Michael Sims (Apollo’s Fire: A Day on Earth in Nature and Imagination), and Susan Freinkel (American Chestnut: The Life, Death, and Rebirth of a Perfect Tree) as they discuss natural history, science, and the interlocking life cycles of humans, other organisms, and the Earth itself. The discussion was a presentation of the Virginia Festival of the Book on Friday, March 28, 2008, in the City Council Chambers. Susan Tyler Hitchcock is the moderator.

Apr 022008

On Wednesday, March 26, UVa’s Culbreth Theatre played host to “In Search of Irish America,” a presentation of the Virginia Festival of the Book. Peter Quinn, author of Looking for Jimmy, was joined by author and filmmaker Daniel Cassidy, New York Times columnist Dan Barry, author Maureen Dezell, and journalist and filmmaker T. J. English. The four panelists conducted a lively inquiry into the role of Irish-Americans in history. They concluded their presentation with a song before adjourning to McGrady’s Irish Pub.

Mar 312008

Greg Mortenson is the author of Three Cups of Tea: One Man’s Mission to Promote Peace… One School at a Time. On March 27, 2008, Mortenson appeared at the Virginia Festival of the Book to discuss his work building schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This talk is sponsored by the Village School.

Mar 302008

University of Virginia political analyst Larry Sabato says it is time to revisit the U.S. Constitution in order to improve our system of government. On March 29, 2008, he spoke in City Council Chambers as part of a Virginia Festival of the Book program sponsored the Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression. Over the course of the hour long lecture, Sabato discussed 23 proposals to revitalize the Constitution and make America a fairer country. That’s the subject of Sabato’s new book, “A More Perfect Constitution.” He’s introduced by Robert O’Neill, President of the Thomas Jefferson Center.

Mar 272008

The 14th Annual Virginia Festival of the Book kicked off on March 26, 2008 with an event held in the McIntire Room at the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library. In the next fifty minutes, you’ll hear the winners of the Hook’s short story contest, proclamations from local officials, and more. The event begins with Robert Vaughan, president of the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities.

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Mar 232008

Nancy Damon is the Executive Director of the Virginia Festival of the Book, which kicks off this week here in Charlottesville. Two special programs kick off the Festival on Tuesday night and hundreds of events run through Sunday, March 30. This year the program also will be guest blogged by several area bloggers.

Jan 102008

Nancy Damon, program coordinator of the Virginia Festival of the Book, joins Coy Barefoot on WINA’s “Charlottesville–Right Now!” to talk about the 14th edition of the state’s preeminent literary event. Nancy and Coy catch up on the history of the festival, and Coy is the first to hear that Adriana Trigiani will be one of the hundreds of authors who will appear at the event, which will be held this year from March 26 through 30.