Jun 302011

LIVE from the Farmers’ Market! R&B artist Freddy Jackson talks about his life, work and performs singles from his new CD Music, Money, Love, Hustle. Then Drew Lawrence of “29 Days Until 29″ fame pops by to talk about the cancer connection humans have with one another, how he hopes to strengthen lines of communication and support. Listen for details of Drew’s upcoming adventures. Next Voice Over Star Steve Noland stops by! Click play now to join Wendy Edwards and Scottsville’s favorite rock band: The SeeDz! for the first LIVE performance of The Wendy Edwards Show.

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May 272011

Can your talent or energy can contribute to films on the way to Hollywood’s silver screen? The answer is a resounding ‘Yes!’ according to guests Director/Primary Instigator Brian Wimer and Writer/Actor Trevor Przyuski of The Filmmakers Republik. Take a look inside a virtual studio of media and film artists who participate in shared projects, both commercial and artistic, for the advancement of film making in Central Virginia. Find out what happens when a community collaborates to produce and promote local films like Billy Barnwell’s Favorite Friends. Folk music from The Photographers accompanies an intelligent discussion of film making, fun, courage and ambition. Everyday people make exciting choices on The Wendy Edwards Show.

Of special note: Wendy will podcast live from the Scottsville Farmers’ Market on Thursday, June 16th! Surprise Guest to be announced. Musical guests The SeeDz!

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May 122011

The power of hope is a healing force that is attainable to each of us, but we hold onto beliefs that can get in the way of doing what we feel driven or meant to do. Sometimes we think we are not good enough or haven’t achieved enough – we aren’t worthy enough – to step out in faith and allow ourselves to be bold in our actions and really claim who we are and what we’re going to do in our lives.  Spiritual Healer Alex Morgan visits to tell us how to recognize what is in the way of our own personal growth and development and what we can do when we encounter these problems.  Music by folk artists Bill Steely and Where’s Dave in this episode of The Wendy Edwards Show.

May 032011

Still thinking of how you can PayitFwd? Explore the idea of adoption with Midlife Adoption Coach Kelli Suchy who tells how years of disappointing infertility sessions led to becoming an adoptive mom in her forties. Then Allison Capps calls in to talk about life with Zoey – the young lady whose lone picture called a small family of three find her in an orphanage on the other side of the world. If you’ve suffered infertility or have thought about opening your home to one more child, this is the show for you. Discover the music of Willie De as we PayitFwd on The Wendy Edwards Show.

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Apr 192011

Who’d have thought you could Pay it Fwd through your favorite pastime? Helpful hobbyists Renae Chiovaro and Brian Geiger talk about how using coupons and creating homemade recipes instead of buying processed foods can save you money and promote the health of your family. Learn how simple changes in your shopping routine and techniques in the kitchen can turn you into a smart shopper and real “food buster!” Singer/Songwriter Sarah Blacker shares how she pays it forward through music over the phone while on her way to her gig at The Southern Cafe and Music Hall (4/19) in Charlottesville.

Tara Hourihan of Fluvanna, Virginia, tells us about her missing husband Rob and shares details that could help someone find him. It’s a strong and informational podcast this week on The Wendy Edwards Show.

Apr 132011

Petra Monaco of Scottsville, VA is a super mom and crafty entrepreneur whose devotion to her family appears as a seemingly tireless effort to work toward a cure for her youngest boy’s diagnosis of Urea Cycle Disorder. While 7-year-old Lennon recovers from his 3rd liver transplant, his mom (and dad) PayitFwd with plans to run a nonprofit designed to help families like their own who are faced with long stays in the hospital. What Petra doesn’t know is that Wendy has arranged for Celebrate Hope: The Lennon Project to get nonprofit status filed sooner than later. Listen for the big surprise and enjoy the music of Morwenna Lasko and Jay Pun– an incredible duo with a chance to play at the ultimate music festival: Bonnaroo! It’s going to take all your voting power to send them there. Don’t delay – click play! Let’s PayitFwd together on the Wendy Edwards Show.

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Apr 072011

It’s time to announce the grand prize winner of The Next Voice Over Star! Listen right now as Chester Hull of Prosound joins Wendy to talk with each of the contestants and announce who YOU chose to be The Next Voice Over Star! Then get ready to Pay It Fwd! as Wendy kicks off her new series about everyday people who make the world a better place. A very special interview takes place with one of Charlottesville’s biggest music fans and hit-makers The High Strung.

Mar 292011

Podcast Yourself! with Mike Bisceglia of Outside the Box with Mike and Leon, creator of OTB Podcast!

Hear about shows now appearing on the Charlottesville Podcasting Network, a growing community where experts share information on niche topics ranging from home and garden structure to five star dining via podcasts produced at The Charlottesville Radio Group. The band Bubba Rose gets a mention for their fine tune “Get By” found on the Wanted Alive CD. And then the Next Voice Over Star gets underway! Justin Barrett and Kevin Delaney call in their reviews of our four finalists for Cartoon Voice Week – and just wait until you hear who loaned her voice to the script! Click play and enjoy this ninth episode of The Wendy Edwards Show, then don’t forget to place your vote for The Next Voice Over Star!

Mar 222011

You’ll be surprised how many people better their education by listening to audio books from Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic. Charlottesville volunteer coordinator Mary Ann Coffey talks about people of all ages and learning levels who benefit from their free, down-loadable texts. Storyteller Ann Stevens brings a project in progress for us to listen to and then it’s time to hear this week’s auditions for The Next Voice Over Star! Justin Beck, JD Dickinson, Justin See and Steve Noland try to keep your attention through textbook readings for this Audio Book Week. Cast your vote for whoever does it best! Click “play” and enjoy this podcast that features musicians Teddy and the Roosevelts throughout!

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Mar 152011

Andrea Finkelstein, Hawaiian resident and Red Cross volunteer gives updates from the island of Maui and shares how you can best help the places afflicted by the earthquake and tsunami, no matter how far away. Then competition for The Next Voice Over Star! heats up with On-Hold Message Week! Chester Hull of Prosound and Hollywood Theatre Lab coach/local television host Lana Young stop by to review auditions submitted by our five contest finalists. The voting continues for The Next Voice Over Star! Conelrad suits a somber mood with completely free downloadable music.

Mar 082011

Social Media consultant Marijean Jaggers visits The Wendy Edwards Show to help entrepreneurs and small business start-ups join the world of professional branding. Learn what brand development is and how social media contributes to the success of your image. You’re going to love tracks we share from The Ladies of Sport’s “Empires Fall” CD (watch for CD giveaways on my twitter and Facebook pages!) And it’s RADIO WEEK!! The Next Voice Over Star! continues with Wendy’s guest Voice Over panel. Listen to five new spots submitted by contest finalists and then Vote for The Next Voice Over Star!

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Mar 022011

Voice Over artist Mahmoud Taji calls in from Cairo to share his view of recent public demonstrations and changes in government in Egypt. Learn how he and his family coped with the stress and pressures associated with internet shutdown and looting situations. Hear a song of hope performed by Egyptian artist Hesham Muhammed. Then Wendy & Taji kick off The Next Voice Over Star! The first five contestants are revealed and competition begins! Grand Prize winner will record On-Hold Messages for Prosound!

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