Dec 152010

Episode 14 “Moonshine and Angst” – The guys have a reveling conversation with the highly entertaining Brad Savage of 106.1 The Corner on music, life, sports, and more. Check out the show on Facebook: Outside The Box with Mike and Leon and on Twitter: OTBwithMikeLeon and make sure to spread the word!

Jul 122010

7.12.10- Brian Wheeler, of Charlottesville Tomorrow, updates Coy Barefoot on growth and development for the county.  Topics include the best pie in the state, the Board of Supervisor’s Action Plan for economic growth, and possible traffic patterns for the 250 bypass and 29.

Jun 212010

Bob Holsworth, the Founder and President of Virginia Tomorrow, discusses the latest in Virginia Politics with Coy.  Topics include Senator Mark Warner‘s role in the Senate, Robert Hurt’s up-coming election and the effect of the Tea Party on that election, and the location of the Stalin Statue at the D-Day Memorial in Bedford, Va.

Jan 202010

Alejandro Escovedo and his band came through Cville for a Sunday night show, on their way to Lexington, KY to record their new album. During this interview, the group debuts a new song and talk about the Chelsea Hotel!

In this interview, Escovedo also compares live music in Charlottesville to his hometown of Austin, TX. Plus he mentions the events that led to his appearance, on-stage with Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band in Houston, as The Boss and friends performed a rockin’ rendition of his song “Always A Friend.”

Jan 202010

Charlottesville’s Lauren Hoffman returns with a new album, “Interplanetary Traveler”, which takes a different direction than much of her previous work. She talks about traveling to India and Israel for the writing/recording process, and being a new Mom! Most people couldn’t actually follow through with the idea of letting your lease run out, getting rid of your possessions, and going on a worldwide travel adventure. But that’s exactly what Lauren Hoffman decided to do, and it let to the “Interplanetary Traveler” album.

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Jan 202010

Many artists and bands work with Oxfam on Humanitarian and Relief causes worldwide. (Example: the excellent “7 Worlds Collidge” benefit 2xCD created by Neil Finn and friends.) Bob Ferguson is the Artist Relations Director, and talks with Brad Savage about Oxfam America’s response – and immediate artist response – to the Haitian earthquake crisis.

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Jan 202010

Los Angeles-based six-piece a capella/vocal group Sonos dropped by The Corner Lounge for a lively session before their first-ever Charlottesville concert appearance! The band came to prominence on the L.A. Hotel Café music scene and is famous for their covers of songs (a capella style) by artists like Radiohead, Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes and more. In the brand new, renovated Corner Lounge the band performs songs by Depeche Mode, Chris Isaak, and Bjork – with plenty of room to spare in our new, larger space!.

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Jan 202010

In his weekly segment “Mornings With The Mayor” on 106.1 The Corner, Mayor Dave Norris talks about green jobs, incoming Gov. Bob McDonnell, and what to expect if you attend a City Council meeting (which are always open to the public).

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Jan 202010

Ellis Paul dropped by our newly-renovated Corner Lounge studios on the day of his CD release, to play a couple songs and Guest DJ for “My Corner Playlist”. This is actually the very first session ever in the newly-renovated Corner Lounge. Ellis’ solo/acoustic takes on “Waking Up To Me” and “Jukebox On My Grave” sound great in the Corner Lounge, Version 2.0!

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Jan 202010

In his weekly segment “Mornings With The Mayor” on 106.1 The Corner, Mayor Dave Norris covers the results of the first City Council meeting of 2010, being named Mayor for a second term, a crime recap of 2009, and the number of challengers Congressman Tom Perriello will face in the upcoming November race.

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Jan 202010

Local author Laura Bynum’s first book “Veracity” has been released through a major national distribution deal via Simon & Schuster. The book is getting fantastic reviews across multiple platforms nationwide and is being compared to “1984” in its premise. She talks about WriterHouse in Charlottesville (where it was mostly written), the writing process, her battle with breast cancer, and the concept of the story.

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Dec 232009

The Don’t Know Much series by Ken Davis began 20 years ago with a book that looked at how much American’s history education was lacking. The series now has other volumes that explore American’s knowledge gaps on geography, space, dinosaurs, and more.

Davis recently joined Brad Savage on 106.1 The Corner to discuss the myths, legends, and true history behind the common Holiday traditions today. The pair cover mistletoe, Santa Claus and his reindeer, the 12 Days of Christmas, the abbreviation “Xmas” and more.