Jun 302009

Charlottesville’s So Called Critics review their first Pixar movie! The theme for this show is Adventure and whats more adventurous than moving your house via ballons or how about jumping into a volcano!

On this show we compare Pixar’s Up to Joe Versus the Volcano, starring Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, Ossie Davis, Llyod Bridges, Robert Stack and the most intense luggage salesperson.

Our Top 5 features Cinema’s Greatest Adventures.

This week our guest reviewer is Peter Hedlund.

Jun 052009

Its ok to feel alone in the world. But how about adding some CRAZY to the mix? Throw in some guns, forget the meds and make some poor choices with a beautiful girl…. Now we’re talking! 

On this show the So Called Critics tackle two of cinema’s loneliest characters. We compare Observe and Report against Taxi Driver.

Our Top 5 list features our picks for Cinema’s Loneliest Characters.

So Called Critics is a movie review podcast recorded in Crozet.

Side note: Charles has had to step aside. In his place is my brother, Pete Van Vleet. Some would argue that Pete is the ultimate film snob, give a listen and decide for yourself.

Apr 222009

This show features paranoia, the end of the world, and the discussion of two Stanley Kubrick films.

The So Called Critics compare Watchmen to Dr. Strangelove.

The Top 5 list for this show features the best movies about paranoia.

Best of all, the So Called Critics reveal their first listener email!

Apr 012009

The So Called Critics break from their usual format to bring you their
first BEST OF show.

Charles and Paul name their Top 5 films of 2008 and Most Anticipated
films of 2009. The discussion gets heated as one of Paul’s picks
shocks Charles. Enjoy!

Mar 112009

The topic for this show, Politics. While it can change a person or even put them in grave danger it does make for some good cinema. We looking at Gus Van Sant’s Milk and comparing it to the 1949 classic All the Kings Men

Jan 062009

Happy New Year!

What better way to cure those holiday post-yuletide-depression-blues than with a brand spanking new episode of So Called Critics!

We know the prospect of keeping those new years resolutions are grim, so this episode we’re giving you our top five dark comedies to lighten your spirits. Also we’ve got reviews of Burn After Reading and Spies Like Us, two movies that deal with buffoons and our newly coined phrase The Idiot Ambition. (You can use that one — it’s free:) John Landis is well known for his comedic undertakings, but can the Coen Brothers rekindle the comedic flame that was The Big Lebowski after the I’m-so-serious-and-I-deserve-an-Oscar No Country for Old Men? Tune in to find out!

Nov 302008

The So Called Critics are back! After a little bit of time off Charles and Paul are back at it with a review of Righteous Kill and Heat.

Robert De Niro and Al Pacino are together again, but is does two heavyweights a motion picture make?  We’ll find out.

Also on this show our more contentious Top 5 debate yet.

Oct 072008

We all have our flaws, but what harm can we do we’re just mere mortals?

But when you’re a Hero your flaws are your ammo. And your gonna need it when you’ve got a giant robot after you or a sheriff who just doesn’t like you.

In this show we compare Iron Man against Rambo: First Blood (the first Rambo).

Also we have our top 5 Super Hero list.

Sep 182008

So-Called Critics is a Charlottesville-based podcast from Paul Van Vleet and Charles Brooks.  In this installment we break with our format of a recently released film versus a classic to compare two films that explore the lives and motivations behind two great men.

In this show we compare Spike Lee’s MALCOLM X to GANDHI as we examine bio pics. Also on this episode are our top 5 Bio Pics, EVER!

This is our first show, enjoy.

Next show, we compare IRON MAN against RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD to see which hero is more flawed.