Oct 202013

On the October 20th Wake Up Call, Host Rick Moore talks with Mary Lynn Mathree and Al Byrne, respective President and Treasurer of Patients Out of Time, a group supporting medical patients that rely on Cannabis to treat their diseases. They spend the hour discussing various aspects of the Medical Marijuana industry including the changing opinions and taboos, Federal vs. state law issues, addiction, the specific medical uses of cannabis, the science behind these effects, and more.

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  1. Grower and cannabis delivery service in Colorado,Want to know everything possible to help my patients.I am not just into this for the money but to prove our government lied to us all thoughs years and put thousands and thousands in to a campain against a very help full plant that can be grown in every one own yard or home.We should have a right to freedom of medical treatment.

  2. I was diagnosed with TNBC in 2012 and as of today I was diagnosed with infiltrated basaloid squamous cell carcinoma I do no want to put anymore poison in my body and am very interested in cannibis oncology or treatment

  3. I’ve relapsed with TNBC and had a different type of cancer over 25 years ago I’m afraid of having cancer a third time. I’m searching for cannabis that will help me. I live in CA and prefer to try the oils and/or juicing cannabis but don’t know what or how to purchase medicinal quality particular cancer. I’m also open to growing a small plant to save money. Any guidance is appreciated.

  4. I was diagnostic in 2009 with possible MS, and from there they still doing text and scan and iving me a lot of differrent drugs,that hurting others parts of my body,like liver,last week i went to the Dr.and he find out that i have a Neuropathy ,i just know that i always have pain in my body,i was diagnostic with sleep abnea,Doctor being giving me a lot of differents medicines,and im tired,i was a fighter my whole life,MMA ,actually im a couch,and sometimes is really painfully doing my job but i have to take care my family,i receive SSI,by social security disability and just want to leave for my kids and wife and be there without pain,is the cannabis or marijuana,its can help me with this problem im here,im not a smoker i dont drink alcohol,,but im able to try this for healthy issues thanks

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