Jul 152012

On the July 15 Wake-Up Call, host Rick Moore joins research scientist Lorrie Delehanty and City Counselor Dede Smith of Residents Against Chlorimine in a discussion on the effects and concerns over proposals to add this potentially toxic cleaner to the regional water supply.

  2 Responses to “Wake-Up Call: Chloramines in the drinking water”

  1. Make sure to let people know that there are no studies on the skin, respiratory or digestive symptoms that people are getting all over the country win exposed to chloramine in their water. The EPA is throwing around their chloramine criteria document as an answer to any questions about the safety of chloramine. The current one has NOTHING NEW in it since the 1994 version of it! (http://epa.gov/ncea/pdfs/water/chloramine/dwchloramine.pdf)

  2. Fabulous show! C’ville/Albemarle residents were (deliberately) being left in the dark re the adding of ammonia to the chlorine in our drinking water. There was to be NO public discussion (this in a democracy). You deserve a pat on the back, Rick.

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