Jan 122012

A weekly forum of everything running. With your host Mark Lorenzoni, a community running expert who has been directing hundreds ofarea “not-for-profit” footraces and coaching thousands of runners for the past 30 years. This week’s edition of “RunCast” was brought to you by The Ragged Mountain Running Shop. Central Virginia’s Community running and walking family partner since 1982. Convenietly locatd on the historic UVa Corner with free parking at their doorstep. Visit them at www.raggedmountainrunning.com or friend them on Facebook

  One Response to “1-12-12 “RunCast” A Weekly Forum of Everything Running”

  1. So great to hear Mark’s voice and get his advice all the way to Maryland. Mark coached me for many years and even though I am a racewalker now the same information holds true. I have passed on all he has taught me to many new runners. Mark your arm reaches farther than you know. Thanks

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