Dec 052011

Chef Hart gives us the run down on his journey from doing dishes at The C&O Restaurant to running his own kitchen at the appropriately named, The Local in Charlottesville, Virginia. The story of a local boy, who starts on the ground floor and with hard work, dedication and a passion for their craft, becomes successful, will inspire you.  You will learn about the birth of  an idea , a restaurant and a cuisine. Listen in to hear Matthew declare his fondness for his wife, son, mentors, friends and local farmers! It’s all here on Chew the Fat!!

Produced and recorded in the studios of Charlottesville Radio Group, in conjunction with Chef Craig Hartman, Chew the Fat is the podcast that gives you totally raw interviews with leading chefs, restaurateurs, wine makers and other food artisans. These interviews are unscripted and outside the realm of publicists, conducted by accomplished Chef Craig Hartman. Hartman delivers these interviews with ease, sensitivity and a sense of insider savvy. The goal of these interviews is to expose the heart and soul of these sensitive, artistic and driven people. This podcast is for anyone who loves food and wine, especially those that want to know every aspect about who is behind the artisan food and wine.

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