Nov 172011

Beth Taylor speaking at the Charlottesville Senior Center.

Beth Taylor speaking at the Charlottesville Senior Center.

Rick Britton is a Charlottesville-based author, lecturer, and cartographer. An award-winning historian, Rick also organizes history-related lecture classes in conjunction with the Charlottesville Senior Center.

On Thursday, September 22, 2011, Beth Taylor presented the third lecture in our continuing series entitled “Virginia History 201: Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe, A Dynasty of Friends.” An historian who’s developed slavery-related interpretive programs at both Montpelier and Monticello, Taylor herein delivers fascinating details about slave life on the plantations owned by the author of the Declaration and the architect of the Constitution. Were enslaved African Americans at Jefferson’s Monticello or Madison’s Montpelier treated any better than bondsmen on other Virginia plantations? Listen and find out!

This is the third of five parts for this series. Click here listen all five parts of this series.

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