Oct 052011

Join the guys from The Snow Knows Gardening Show as they give you tips on how to get your garden in perfect shape with spring finally here! Its raining non stop outside and the Snow Knows guys are ready to help!

The Snow Knows Gardening Show is the longest running gardening show in America. The Snows will talk gardening, answer your questions and will have a lot of fun along the way. You can visit their store online at: www.snowknows.com

Stop by the store in person: 1875 Avon St. Charlottesville, VA. 22902
Phone Number: 434-295-2159

  One Response to “The Snow Knows Gardening Show: Happy October”

  1. I’ve already prepared my garden for the winter. However, I would take a few tips by a professional . I’ll try your suggestion and post here my experience.

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